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Cross Country Movers

Welcome to the most comprehensive cross country movers website in the United States. Take your time and browse through our cross country moving website and select the service which you think will best suit your moving needs from one state to another. Cross country moving comes with a lot of challenges due to the distance involved and probably the nature of items you need moved.

Unlike local moving, a lot of vigilance, trust and care are necessary whenever you are contemplating cross country moving and this is why it is imperative that you take your time to make the right choice of the moving company.

With our service you are given the power to go through all the cross country information for your upcoming move in the United States.

We make it a breeze for you to find the right people to trust with your household goods, cars and other items you desire to move over long distances.

Avoid nightmares with moving companies by getting trusted and reputable cross country movers from this website.


Interstate Movers

Schedule your interstate move with us! As a trusted and experienced cross country mover we are here to help you no matter you’re moving from, or moving to. We are offering the best and the fastest service in order to deliver you a stress-free move anywhere in the US.

Packing Service

Cross Country Movers is a company that offers not only transportation and storage facilities, but also packing services in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers. As a corporation with years of experience in the moving industry, we are aware of each step of the relocation and we know that everything should be well organized from the very beginning.


Moving Guide

Planning your move in advance will guarantee you a stress-free and successful move. Just dedicate some of your time to organize the upcoming relocation and it will be a pleasant adventure. Moving special items or pets, we are here to help you! Follow our useful tips and helpful hints listed below.


Sometimes during a cross country move you may need a long or short-term storage for your goods. As an experienced and professional company we are aware of all the needs of our customers and strive to offer various and flexible options. So, you shouldn’t worry at all in case you need some more time to move in your new home or office, as you can always take advantage of the storage options offered by Cross Country Movers.




Cross Country Movers